Triplet Abby Angelone plans fundraiser in sister’s memory

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Abigail Angelone has spent much of her 15 years wondering why. Why, as a triplet, was she born without the serious health concerns of her sisters? Why, after her first sister, Alyson, died at birth, did her other “miracle” sister, Angelina, live only to the age of 14? The why... more

Pawtucket's family homelessness problem ‘hasn’t gotten any better’

PAWTUCKET – At least four families in the city remain homeless after more than a year of trying to improve their situation, says Elaine Cruz, pictured at right, an advocate with the Pawtucket Child Opportunity Zone in city schools. Cruz last summer told The Breeze about worsening homelessness due,... more

Pawtucket Council holds key to overhaul of Narragansett Park Plaza

PAWTUCKET – The City Council could play a significant role in the rebirth of the Narragansett Park Plaza when it considers multiple... more

NP police hand out more traffic summonses in 2017

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Police ramped up traffic enforcement in 2017, sharply increasing the number of summonses issued, according to an... more