'Phone spoofing' creates nightmare for Woonsocket company

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WOONSOCKET - You're outside in your garden when you hear the phone ring. By the time you get inside to pick it up, the caller has hung up, so you check the caller ID. The call was from "Competitive Chimney Sweeps," it says. And it shows it's the 10th call you've missed from the company in the... more

Winter moth caterpillars devouring foliage across northern R.I.

An "astonishing" number of caterpillars have been devouring trees and plants across the state over the past month and are now reaching the end of their feeding cycle. The pests are now at their largest, causing many residents to only recently notice the extent of the damage, but those hoping to... more

Cumberland boosts school funds by $540,000 based on HSA savings

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CUMBERLAND – Sports teams and the 5th-grade band program won't be cut at the two middle schools this fall following a budget... more

Budget impasse: Mayor stands pat while schools threaten cuts

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CUMBERLAND - Heading into budget talks this week, Mayor Bill Murray was standing confident about his proposed support for schools... more

Fire budget challenge may trigger summer referendum

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CUMBERLAND - Assistant Fire Chief Brian Jackvony would retain his job but office staff workers and the finance director at the fire... more

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