New access road addresses Centredale School complaints

NORTH PROVIDENCE - The longtime traffic headache at Centredale Elementary School should finally come to an end in 2014-2015, say town and school officials, with a new traffic configuration set to address the problems there. Few issues have drawn more complaints than the congestion at this... more

Paint job final step in Town Hall upgrade

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NORTH PROVIDENCE - It was a major campaign theme of Charles Lombardi's back in 2007: If we can't get our own house in order, how can we cite others when they fail to meet the standards? Almost immediately after winning the mayor's seat seven years ago, Lombardi got to work overhauling what he sees... more

RIDE won't sign off on food service contract with Sodexo

Without reversal, schools risk losing nearly $300,000 reimbursement
PAWTUCKET - Officials from the Rhode Island Department of Education say they are "unable to approve" a new three-year food service... more

Local man's sticker-shock leads to farm purchase

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Philanthropist John Primeau was in the produce section of an area supermarket two summers ago when it hit him how... more

NP school officials try to balance use of fields as sports teams flourish

NORTH PROVIDENCE - With a severely limited amount of field space available in town, school officials are working on rearranging... more


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