How can Lynch help with Brazil's victims?

How can Lynch help with Brazil's victims?

I promised myself that after the release of the Station fire land to the victim's and their families, I would stop writing press releases and go quietly into the night. Then, just when I was ready to get out....they drag me back in. A report from WPRI-TV says that former Attorney General Patrick Lynch is going to Brazil to help in the investigation of the Kiss Nightclub fire. Stop laughing. This is not a joke.

That's right: Patrick Lynch. Gee, what could he do to help? I know. He could give advice to the club owners on how to make a good plea deal. He could advise the law enforcement officials that the building and fire inspectors are above the law and cannot be charged. Hey, maybe he could offer his expertise as a defense lawyer for those responsible for this event.

I believe that Mr. Lynch could better serve this state by coming forward and telling the truth about his own very embarrassing incompetence and malfesence. He could tell us about the decisions and deals that were made on who to indict and who should be allowed to walk, free.

Hey Patrick, when you get to Brazil, stay there!

Dave Kane


Kane is a former longtime Rhode Island radio talk show host and comedian and father of Nicholas O'Neill, the youngest victim of the Station nightclub fire.