Smithfield author unlocks the heavens in 'Ticket to Universe'

Smithfield author unlocks the heavens in 'Ticket to Universe'

SMITHFIELD - She's a career woman, wife, mother of two young schoolchildren, and master's degree student at Brown University, so you wouldn't think that Smithfield's Kimberly Arcand could be a travel agent as well.

But in a manner of speaking she is, and the deal she offers is out of this world: For $24.95, she'll have you touring the Solar System and Milky Way, and vaulting the constellations to the edges of the universe.

The journey takes place on the pages of a glossy, photo-filled book that she has co-authored, "Your Ticket to the Universe: A Guide to Exploring the Cosmos."

Published by Smithsonian Books for release April 2, the 240-page triptik gets you going with spectacular views of the Earth and leads outward to the moon, planets, sun, and star-filled distant galaxies, in images gleaned from observatories and space agencies around the world.

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