Bouvier couple were 'loving' but in pain, says police chief

Bouvier couple were 'loving' but in pain, says police chief

CUMBERLAND – The married couple who took their lives in a suicide pact were Roland and Marie Bouvier, Police Chief John Desmarais said Tuesday. He described them as a "loving couple" overwhelmed by health issues.

The note they left behind made clear that the decision for him to shoot her and then himself was a mutual one, he said. Mr. Bouvier was 73 and his wife 70 years old

"No more pills, no more pain," the note said in part.

Said the chief, "It's just tragic. From what we're hearing is they were a great couple who really loved each other. He was a very proud man. We hear they were good people."

The couple's daughter and her three older children were at home in the condominium at 6 Nate Whipple Highway at the time of the shooting, 5:20 p.m. on Easter Sunday.

Police were called immediately.

Desmarais said the handgun was registered to Bouvier.

The address is for the condominium development near the corner of Nate Whipple Highway and Mendon Road.

- Marcia Green