Focus on Blurred Vision for your next night out

Focus on Blurred Vision for your next night out

PAWTUCKET - When drummer Dave Kubaska came up with a list of potential names for his new band, Pure Vision was at the top of the list. But a band mate couldn't see that without reaching for his glasses.

Blurred Vision was more like it, they joked. And the name stuck.

It is a fitting homage to the path the band's five members - Bruce Macksoud, Jeff Mellor, Joe Martin, Dick Turcotte and Kubaska - have followed. Most grew up playing music, formed bands in their teens and 20s, but then swapped their instruments out for full-time jobs and families.

Decades later, with four members in their 50s and one in his 40s, the guys are back at it.

"We're having a blast, we really are," said Macksoud, a Lincoln resident and a retired Lincoln Middle School principal. "To be able to do it again at our age is really phenomenal. Not many people have the opportunity to do that again."

Macksoud almost missed out on that opportunity, he said, when he was approached by Turcotte four years ago, more than 30 years since they last jammed together.

Turcotte, a Pawtucket resident and guitar player, showed up unannounced to LMS while Macksoud was still in charge, and eventually, the principal was hooked on music again, contributing lead vocals and rhythm.

He joined Turcotte and Kubaska, a Woonsocket native who lives in North Smithfield. Kubaska and Turcotte had been playing together informally for years while sharing a summer cottage on Pascoag Lake.

Macksoud then recruited Mellor, a Scituate resident and husband of a LMS teacher, to play bass. Martin, a Cumberland resident who was in a band in high school with Macksoud, joined in last summer with lead guitar and vocals.

The band rehearses once a week for its two to three gigs a month.

"We're playing music that we grew up with," Turcotte said.

They play classic rock that their fans, called Visionaries, can sing and dance along to, like Queen, Led Zeppelin and Santana.

"We really believe that good music is good music," Macksoud said. "If it's going to make you move in your seat, that's what we want to play."

Mellor said the group feeds off the audience's energy.

"When we see the crowd having a good time, it energizes us, it pumps us up," he said.

Their popularity and accessibility may be a few reasons Blurred Vision was voted Best Local Band by Rhode Island Monthly in 2012.

But Macksoud said his crew is still "the best band that nobody knows about."

Regardless, the men say they do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

"I hope it goes on longer," Kubaska said. "It's a good high."

To become one of the Visionaries in the know, check out Blurred Vision at their next gig on Friday, April 12, at the Carousel Grille, 859 Oakland Beach Ave. in Warwick. The show starts at 8:30 p.m.

Blurred Vision will also perform at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut on May 23 and June 20, and at Twin River Casino in Lincoln on Aug. 2, Sept. 1, and Nov. 2.

The group also performs at private parties. For more information, visit or find Blurred Vision on Facebook.