Head to the dark side of the moon with Brit Floyd

Head to the dark side of the moon with Brit Floyd

Brit Floyd is billed as the world's greatest Pink Floyd show.

"The focus is on the music itself," says Ian Cattell, one of the original members of the show. "We stay as close to the original as possible."

Brit Floyd pulls into The Vets in Providence on April 7, part of a 70-show run. When we chatted, Cattell was in Halifax, Nova Scotia. "It's very snowy," said Cattell. "It was supposed to be a five-hour trip, it took about eight hours. But, we'll be in Florida in about a month. We're having a good time."

Cattell calls himself "the token Yank in the band. We've got backup singers from Poland and Ireland, everyone else is British."

Cattell still makes his home in upstate New York - when he's not on the road, which is an awful lot. He started with the Australian version - the Australian Pink Floyd Show - in 1994, and came to Brit Floyd when it was created in 2010. "I did Providence with Australian Pink Floyd in 2008."

Cattell plays the bass, and covers the Roger Waters vocals. "We present the whole concert experience. Intelligent lights, projections, inflatables. It's about the experience."

There are a lot of tribute bands around, but Cattell assures that Brit Floyd is "not your typical tribute band experience. We'll bring our audience back to a Pink Floyd show of 1994 or earlier."

The show's play list consists of album sides - "a vinyl theme," says Cattell - including the A-sides of "Dark Side of the Moon," "The Wall" and "Wish You Were Here." That's the show's first act. The second act includes other favorite Pink Floyd songs "that we thought we couldn't leave out. Sticking to album sides eliminates flipside selections."

The tour is "winding its way around the east and mid-west, but I'm looking forward to bringing this experience to Providence."

"Brit Floyd: P-U-L-S-E 2013" runs April 7 at The Vets. Visit www.vmari.com for details and tickets, or call 401-421-ARTS.