ATV rally planned this weekend

ATV rally planned this weekend

CUMBERLAND - Riders of all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are being coy, but a review of their Facebook page, Let Us Ride RI, suggests a major "Spring Ride," perhaps on the order of last Thanksgiving's run, is planned this weekend in Cumberland.

Brian Otasevic of Cumberland, the group's spokesman, told The Breeze the ride - apparently on Sunday, April 7, - will happen on a large tract of "private land in Cumberland" but declined to say where.

The event has been described as "an ATV and dirtbike friendly ride."

Meanwhile, Police Chief John Desmarais said his officers have been told the group will host an organized ride but it's planned for somewhere in Massachusetts.

No location was listed in the Facebook posts that have since been removed.

Interested riders were advised to apply for a personal invitation and details that would include the meeting time and location.

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