School budget could jump 4.5 percent in Cumberland

School budget could jump 4.5 percent in Cumberland

CUMBERLAND - Swiftly, without question or comment last Thursday evening, members of the School Committee not only approved Supt. Philip Thornton's $57.56 million budget plan for next fall, but added another $70,000 to the bottom line.

Under the amended plan, taxpayers would be tapped for an extra $1.69 million, a 4.5 percent jump over last year's town contribution and a 4 percent increase to the entire spending plan.

The budget came with endorsement of the three-member Fiscal Management subcommittee headed by Jeff Mutter who said that by state law Cumberland can increase the tax levy by some $2.4 million next year, an amount that would have to cover added municipal needs, including a $300,000 jump in the town's police pension contribution.

But the school funding needs may not stop there. The School Department's contract with the Cumberland Teachers Association expire the same week school begins in August.

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