These local piggies go to market

These local piggies go to market

From Blackbird Farm to Daniele Inc., local businesses cooperate to produce high-end product line

SMITHFIELD - Campaigning to improve long-distance rail service in the 1940s, industrialist Robert R. Young caught the nation's attention with ads exclaiming, "A hog can cross the country without changing trains, but you can't."

Young was right: Coast-to-coast passengers had to switch in Chicago or St. Louis, while market-bound porkers sped through non-stop.

These days, local businesses are cooperating in a venture that keeps hogs much closer to home.

They start out on the hoof at Smithfield's Blackbird Farm, are transformed into gourmet food products at Daniele Inc. in Burrillville, and end up back where they started, in Smithfield - on the shelves of Dave's Marketplace.

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