Town Council wants 'use agreements' for Scituate fields

Town Council wants 'use agreements' for Scituate fields


CITUATE - At the urging of the leader of the Scituate Youth Soccer Association (SYSA), memos of agreement will be created to designate the primary users of town fields, the Town Council decided last month.

Second and final passage of the newly revised Parks and Recreation Ordinance was before the council at its March 14 meeting when Joe DaSilva, president of SYSA, stood in the audience to ask why the new ordinance failed to designate a primary use or user for each of the nine town-owned fields it covered.

David D'Agostino, attorney with town solicitor Gorham & Gorham Inc. of North Scituate, said he did not see user designations as necessary or appropriate and they could be in conflict with "acquisition documents." A town Conservation Commission member said ordinances are so cumbersome to revise that they should not identify users that can change.

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