Lombardi budget hits residents with 24-cent tax increase

Lombardi budget hits residents with 24-cent tax increase

In reversal, no money for repaving or car tax breaks

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Mayor Charles Lombardi has proposed an $89.8 million budget plan for Fiscal Year 2014 that would require a tax hike of 24 cents per $1,000 of home value for local homeowners.

Earlier talk about possible car tax givebacks and reinstating a road-repaving program are off the table for now, says the mayor.

A proposed $560,000 increase in the tax levy, or total amount of local taxes, would result in a bump in the tax rate from $24.15 to $24.39, the town's first tax hike in three years, said Lombardi.

The increase would mean an annual increase of $35.50 on the tax bill for the owner of a home valued at the town average of $185,000, said the mayor. That amount reflects the 20 percent homestead exemption that most homeowners receive, so the owner of that $185,000 home would be taxed on $148,000 of value.

"I would like nothing more than to say that we're going to have another year without a tax increase, to not be the bearer of bad news," said Lombardi Monday. "I thought a month or two ago that could definitely happen."

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