Grebien gets an SUV, explains reasoning behind it

Grebien gets an SUV, explains reasoning behind it

Mayor's Crown Victoria will be added to police fleet

PAWTUCKET - Mayor Don Grebien has a "new" set of wheels, a sport utility vehicle he says is more suited both to his personal style and family's needs than the Ford Crown Victoria he's driven since he became mayor in January of 2011.

Grebien is heading off talk that a new SUV was purchased for him, a rumor that was again resurfacing on social media sites last week.

"We all know that in my position there are some who will always misrepresent the facts," said Grebien in an e-mail. "There has been no purchase of an SUV for me."

According to the mayor, there were two new SUVs purchased last year for the Pawtucket Police Department Special Squad. It was those two purchases that first got rumors going that he had a new taxpayer-funded SUV, said Grebien.

The 2006 Ford Explorer SUV the mayor is now driving, complete with the classic "70000" license plate, has been used by the Pawtucket Police Department since the vehicle was purchased new back in 2006, according to Police Chief Paul King. The Explorer, which had 69,104 miles on it as of last Saturday evening, said Grebien, was officially assigned to him and registered with the proper plates last Friday.

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