ATV enthusiast replies to critic

ATV enthusiast replies to critic

I want to thank you, Dan Prichard, for your insight on dirt bike and ATV riding, however, I think you should have slowed down and taken a less angry approach on this matter.

You stated soil erosion, broken saplings and trail destruction. Let's take a look into that statement. Let's use the bike path for example. The bike path is in the works to span almost the entire state of Rhode Island. What does it take to make the bike path, what needs to be done? Well, let me tell you. You need to take a giant bulldozer and destroy a 20-30 foot wide path of, dare I say, woods. Then you need to get pavement and cover all the ground that was just torn up. Let me ask you, Dan, what is the difference between the inside part of the woods and the outside part of the woods? The answer is nothing.

You stated "seen empty oil bottles and filter" in the middle of the woods. Really that's it, only oil bottles and filter? A more accurate statement would be, "I've seen empty oil bottles, oil filter, soda bottles, water bottles, trail mix wrappers, tires, and mountain bike inner tubes" and maybe an occasional dishwasher now and then. I'm not saying there aren't a few bad eggs, but I am saying, there's not a widespread ATV littering epidemic. I just want you to understand that any person can litter, not just dirt-bikers and ATV-riders.

Any person can do these things. Just don't forget to mention them along with us.

Brian Otasevic