Three of four of Rep. Ackerman's bills will be heard in committee next Tuesday - everything but her effort to direct independent fire districts to post minutes of their meetings online.

Ackerman's "education equity" bill is the companion bill to Sen. Ryan Pearson's bill that would step-up school aid to the majority of school districts while allowing some, including Lincoln where residents' support for schools has been very strong, to direct a portion to a community's operating budget to offset property taxes.

Here's a full list of her pending bills:

House No. 5179

Fire District Minutes

This would require independent fire districts to post draft minutes of their meetings on their own district/department websites or the local municipal websites or on the website of the Secretary of State.

April 2: House Judiciary Committee held for further study.

House No. 5359

Education Equity

This would accelerate the transition plan for calculating state aid to education.

Feb. 12: House Finance scheduled April 30 hearing.

House No. 5620

Investments in Iran

This would require that Rhode Island's financial resources be divested from companies doing business in Iran.

March 29: House Finance scheduled April 30 hearing.

House No. 5736

Small Business Wellness

This would create a tax credit program for small employers that implement a wellness program for employees, subject to standards set by the Department of Health.

Feb. 28: House Finance scheduled April 30 hearing.