New Diamond Hill CrossFit offers a workout 'written in our DNA'

New Diamond Hill CrossFit offers a workout 'written in our DNA'

CUMBERLAND - Amplifying everyday movements into an intense strength workout, Diamond Hill CrossFit has opened its doors at 30 Industrial Road, and owners are putting the call out for athletes.

Everyone can be an athlete, they say, especially with CrossFit, which utilizes similar workouts at different levels of intensity to accommodate individual skill.

Co-owner Beth Licopoli said that at its core, CrossFit is all about "constantly varied, high intensity functional movement."

She and co-owners Keith Mackey and Jeff Nardi, coaches at the facility, are confident in the workout's use of the body's natural movements. They are even offering free classes until the end of the month for those who want to try it out commitment-free.

"It's written in our DNA," Licopoli said. "Squatting is something our bodies are made to do."

So is lifting something overhead to store on a shelf, or bending down to grab something in a cabinet. CrossFit just adds weights and resistance to these otherwise mundane movements to turn it into a workout tailor-made for the individual.

"A lot of people get intimidated," Licopoli said. "But it's training for life so you can lead a healthier, more fit lifestyle." It is like golf, explained Mackey.

"People from different levels can workout together," he said, just as golfers with different handicaps can play in the same foursome.

The hour-long classes also promote bonding between athletes, Licopoli said, so the atmosphere is unlike that of a gym where everyone wears headphones and keeps to themselves.

"It's engaging. It's encouraging," she said.

"It's motivating," Nardi added.

That energy will radiate out from the space as the business follows the CrossFit organization's example to raise money for charities and local organizations.

"We really try to be part of the community," Mackey said.

Mackey said he had always been a "gym person" before he gave a CrossFit Groupon a try.

"That's all it took was one month and I was hooked," he said.

Diamond Hill CrossFit also offers self defense and yoga classes.

Through May 31, members can join for $135 for unlimited sessions. There is also a discount for teachers, as well as first responders, like police, fire and military personnel.

For more information, visit or call 401-721-5582.