Alleged NYC gang members arrested in Cumberland

Alleged NYC gang members arrested in Cumberland

CUMBERLAND – New York City police were in Rhode Island Monday morning for the arraignment of two shooting suspects arrested by Cumberland police officers Saturday at 38 Middle St., Chief John Desmarais told The Breeze Monday. The two are believed to members of the notorious Latin Kings,

The two, Raul Pacheco, 21, and Eric Landron, 23, waived extradition and were turned over to New York authorities.

Another man, Jonathan Lopez, who was with the fugitives in Ashton village, is being held on charges of harboring a fugitive, Desmarais said.

According to charges, the two were involved in the killing of Alphonza Bryant, 17, on April 22 while the victim was standing in a Bronx neighborhood with a group of people. Bryant was not the intended victim, according to reports. Pacheco, allegedly, fired three times into the crowd and killed Bryant with a bullet to the chest.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg later cited the incident in scolding critics of the stop-and-frisk police practices that Bloomberg says are an important tool in keeping guns off city streets.

Desmarais declined to say whether the two had weapons at the time of their arrest, which he said was accomplished without incident.

- Marcia Green