Bucket Brewery makes plans to expand

Bucket Brewery makes plans to expand

PAWTUCKET - They shipped their first keg just six months ago, but already the owners of the Bucket Brewery say they're ready to expand to meet growing demand.

The opening phase of the Bucket Brewery, a nano-sized craft brewery in the Lorraine Mills complex at 560 Mineral Spring Ave., near the North Providence line, was funded by the owners. The second phase, a planned expansion to an undisclosed new location, will hopefully be funded at least in part by their fans, they said.

As of Monday, Nate Broomfield and his team had already raised $2,528 of a $10,000 goal to help get the expansion off the ground. Money is being pledged as part of a flexible funding campaign through Indiegogo.

The owners at Bucket have not yet revealed exact details of their planned move, but say they've found a space three times the size of their current location with greater capacity. A one-barrel brew house will be transformed into a 10-barrel brew house, while increased fermentation capacity will allow the local brewers to put out about 120 barrels a month, among other benefits.

Visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/bucket-brewery-upgrade for more on the project. The owners' Indiegogo campaign video can also be seen at www.valleybreeze.com .

The Bucket Brewery, along with the newly expanded Foolproof Brewing Company, have been highly successful so far in transforming Pawtucket into one of the state's hopping craft beer hubs, according to their owners.

City officials, led by Mayor Don Grebien, have said that craft brewing could be one of the industries that help revitalize the local economy, especially with all the excess water available for sale through the Pawtucket Water Supply Board.