Let everyone in on the 'joy' of marriage

Let everyone in on the 'joy' of marriage

It seems that today, while our nation and the world are slowly slipping into a state of despair that seems to be leading up to a very unhappy ending, our nation's politicians are throwing all their weight and intellectual capacity and forthrightness' into allowing same sex marriage to happen here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Now, I know most of you liberals are reading this with delight because you think I am going to write mean nasty things about this topic. Sorry, but I am not going to give you the chance to write your inane comments about me this time. On a personal note I couldn't care less if (homosexuals) are allowed to marry or not. One day we will all have to meet our maker and on that day He will decide who goes where according to how we lived our lives and followed His commandments.

Thirteen years ago I was told by my wife, of that time, that she no longer wanted to be married and for me to just go away. I could have put up a legal struggle but the truth being told I was actually glad. So the way I see it, why should men who marry women and vice versa be the only ones condemned to this type of life sentence? I say let everyone marry who they chose and then see how entertaining it becomes when they tire of one another. Sorry folks but I'm sure a man married to another man and vice versa does not guarantee moonlight and canoes for the rest of their lives. We are all human with the same human frailties so let's let them see how it feels to have placed your trust in someone only to have it explode in your face leaving you standing there with a huge debt, no credit, no home, no life, and no hope trying to figure out "What the hell just happened here?"

So folks, why should we so-called heterosexuals' have all the fun of marriage? Let us not discriminate against our fellow human beings. Let's all have the monogamous relationship we all feel entitled to but remember folks "Be careful of what you wish for."

John Cervone

North Providence