Again, leave Monastery alone!

Again, leave Monastery alone!

First and foremost, from my personal experience, the Monastery, is sacred ground to the people of Cumberland. I find it very difficult to believe that 59 percent of people polled would be in favor of building a safety complex there (regardless of where on the grounds it's located). Open space is meant to be just that - not developed. We've lost too much, already.

I am not exactly sure what the mayor's fixation is in regards to building on the Monastery grounds. Last year he wanted to build the "sixth village" - and after that did not go over well, he began his safety complex crusade. If a new complex is needed, I am positive a better location can be found.

Just imagine what traffic would be like at Chapel Four Corners if said complex were to be built across from the post office.

I implore anyone to take a ride on a Saturday morning or afternoon up or down Diamond Hill Road. Then imagine police and rescue vehicles coming and going. I'm sure that will be much more efficient - and cut down on emergency response times.

Instead of wasting $4,800 on this study (which no one asked for), it could have been used to improve trails at the Monastery, or any number of smaller projects.

If this is such an important matter, put it to the voters. Then we will know how the people of Cumberland really stand.

As a lifelong resident and homeowner in Cumberland, I think most people would agree that we should be doing more with less. We should be finding ways to pass savings onto the taxpayers instead of increasing the burden.

The $12 million this so called safety complex is projected to cost could be used to fix current ongoing issues in the town, such as the pool at the high school, or the parking lot at Diamond Hill, just to name a few.

Neil Carter