Background checks not too much to expect

Background checks not too much to expect

Editor's Note: Background checks, as well as a 7-day waiting period on gun purchases, are already mandated by law in Rhode Island. The question was recently before the U.S. Congress, and not state legislators.

State and local police put their lives on the line each day, and should some tragedy occur representatives like Michael Chippendale (R- Foster), Doreen Costa (R-North Kingston) and Brian Newberry (R-North Smithfield) will certainly raise the loudest cry about how much they support those who man the "thin blue line."

Talk, however, is cheap, for while the job of law enforcement officials might be a bit safer if criminals and the insane had a slightly harder time getting a gun, legislators like these think a background check is simply too much of an infringement on their "rights."

Notice, however, Chippendale, Costa and Newberry will all be sitting comfortably in their homes when police respond to a drug dealer with an assault rifle which they helped these criminals acquire. They all vote against gun restrictions comfortable in the knowledge that someone else, not them, will have to deal with the consequences.

The only "checks" this trio, and those that vote with them, favor are checks for campaign contributions. There can never be enough of those!

Shame on them for doing this, and shame on us if we forget this next election.

Charles Lawrence