Rollover illustrates the importance of a seatbelt

Rollover illustrates the importance of a seatbelt

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Rhonda DiCarlo says she always buckles her seatbelt before she leaves the driveway, but it wasn't until last Friday that she fully appreciated why the simple action was so important.

In one of the more bizarre rollover accidents, DiCarlo had just taken a left out of her apartment complex onto Woonasquatucket Avenue when she said she noticed a car coming the opposite direction and swerving well over the yellow lines.

DiCarlo, a resident of an apartment at 8 Rosemont Terrace, told police on scene that she swerved to the right to avoid the car. But in the process she clipped a green and yellow fire hydrant. She then ran the right side of her car up a metal cable that secures a telephone pole there to the sidewalk and flipped her car all the way over onto its roof.

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Hanging upside down, DiCarlo was able to unbuckle the belt she had just fastened and crawl out the broken driver's side window without a scratch on her body. She felt a bit sore later, said DiCarlo, but was otherwise fine.

"I'm glad I had that seatbelt on," she told The Breeze on scene, as her 2007 Pontiac G6 was pulled back to an upright position to be towed away. "I would have gone right through the windshield."

DiCarlo said she was also happy to have collision insurance on her car.

Police said Monday that they had no information leading them to believe that anything about DiCarlo's story was untrue or that she broke any traffic laws.

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