Plans moving forward for Lincoln police station addition

Plans moving forward for Lincoln police station addition

The proposed Lincoln Police headquarters addition is planned to be added to the back of the existing building. It would extend to the right in this picture as far as the present Town Hall. When the building was built in 1964, the Lincoln force consisted of 14 officers. Today 37 officers work out of the same space.

LINCOLN - A detective division suite, and new meeting and interview rooms and holding cells are planned for the two-story, 6,600-square-foot town police station addition off the back of the existing building, Town Administrator T. Joseph Almond said this week.

The town has already enlisted the help of site architect Tecton Architects Inc. to put together a square footage model and price estimate, but specific blueprints have yet to be drawn. A bid proposal will be made for the design of the building "very soon," Almond said.

Then, the first phase of the project - building the shell of the addition and finishing the top floor's 3,300 square feet with offices and conference rooms - can begin.

The second phase, which will have to be approved at next year's Financial Town Meeting, will consist of finishing the bottom floor with holding and processing rooms and cells. The existing space will be renovated to become roll call rooms, offices for shift supervisors and locker rooms.

Almond said the plans for two phases of work have been deliberate.

"It allows them to keep working," he said, "so that no one's disrupted."

Phase 1 received $1.92 million in capital funding at May's FTM. Next year, $900,000 from capital funds will also need voter approval.

Police Chief Brian Sullivan said he is "absolutely" looking forward to the addition.

He had previously told The Breeze that when the building was built on Old River Road in 1964, the department had 14 officers and one chief. The current force is authorized for 37 officers, though a few have retired and their spaces are currently unfilled.

Because two female officers have joined LPD in recent years, a women's bathroom and shower was added, taking away from storage space, Sullivan said. There is also a need for more meeting room and interview space so multiple people can be questioned at once without being so close in proximity that they influence each other's stories.

Some evidence is currently stored in the station's garage.

There is also no adequate meeting space, Sullivan said, so officers will use the conference room in Town Hall.

The addition, he said, will give the force the ability to use space more efficiently, "and not be, you know, almost falling over each other."

This draft at left shows a potential layout of the lower level of the Lincoln Police Department station addition, shaded in gray, which will include new locker rooms and holding cells. Architects for the official design have not yet been hired, but the Old River Road location has been granted approval for a two-story, 6,600-square-foot addition. The new space is at the upper left of drawing. Upper right gray space is the existing lower level of the police station drawn out as it will be used in the future. The gold-toned area is the adjoining Town Hall.