Smithfield Financial Town Meeting is tonight

Smithfield Financial Town Meeting is tonight

SMITHFIELD - The town's registered voters will convene at the annual Financial Town Meeting tonight, June 13, at 7 in the high school auditorium, where they'll consider a recommended budget of $63.2 million that would raises property taxes just under 2 percent, from $16.02 to $17.52 a thousand.

The budget proposal includes a $450,000 increase for schools, but the additional money is to be escrowed until the Town Council evaluates a performance audit designed to determine if the School Department makes the most efficient use of its money.

Other proposed items that have attracted attention are a Fire Department request for two new emergency medical technicians, so the department can create a third medical response team; and a Police Department request to add a sixth detective.

The proposed budget would raise business-related equipment taxes from $58.55 to $61.06 a thousand, and vehicle taxes would remain the same at $39 a thousand with the first $1,000 of value exempt.

A total of 15,587 voters can participate, but the annual session generally attracts just a minuscule percentage of those eligible.