Strawberry season now in full gear

Strawberry season now in full gear

The Department of Environmental Management’s Division of Agriculture reports that strawberry season is under way in Rhode Island and will run through late June. Locally-grown strawberries will be available at numerous pick-your-own berry farms throughout the state.

DEM Director Janet Coit said in a news release that she knows how excellent the strawberry harvest is at Rhode Island farms.

“One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to visit a local berry farm and pick loads of beautiful, sweet, succulent strawberries,” she said. “They are fun to pick and out-of-this-world delicious.”

According to the DEM, agriculture provides numerous benefits to Rhode Island’s economy, quality of life, open space, and access to local foods and horticultural products. Rhode Island has 1,219 farms, mostly run by families, which occupy 61,000 acres. A national leader in direct sales to consumers, the state has 50 seasonal farmers markets in urban, suburban and rural areas, seven indoor winter markets, and numerous pick-your-own farm stand operations.

For a list of local berry farms arranged by location, visit DEM’s website at and click on “Agriculture in Rhode Island” at the left side of the page, then "For Consumers" on the left, then "PIck-Your-Own Berries" toward the bottom. Call farms ahead to confirm picking times.