Photographers capture nature in Conservation Commission contest

Photographers capture nature in Conservation Commission contest

CUMBERLAND - Bob Wofford, Chris Butler and Allan Siuzdak are the three winners of this year's Cumberland Conservation Commission photography contest.

Additionally, Madison Lambert Newberg, 12, and Owen Enestvedt, 10, are the co-winners of the children's division.

Among the adults, Wofford won the landscape category with his panoramic image of Sylvie's Brook at Diamond Hill Park near the beaver lodge. Judges especially liked the reflecting play of eerie morning light.

Butler won in the floral category, turning in a close-up on a dogwood flower. Notice how the lighting strikes the drops of water on the petals.

And Siuzdak was tops among wildlife photos with his surprising close, detailed study of a back-yard rabbit. Right place, right time made this photo a winner, said the judges.

Young Madison captured a frog poking his head up in a pond, while co-childrens' winner Owen turned in a study in delicate, springtime flowers.

All the winners were expected to be recognized at this week's Town Council meeting. The adults will receive $100 gift certificates to Blackstone Valley Outfitters in Lincoln, while the two children are getting $25 gift certificates.

Additionally, Blackstone Valley Outfitters raffled off a kayaking tour of the river to one of the entrants and that was won by Sheryl Reedy of Cumberland.

The winning photos are on display near the Cumberland Public Library entrance through the end of June.

Greg Myers of the Conservation Commission organized the contest this year. He said the contest this year drew 77 entries, slightly more than last year.

Myers said winners generally were the ones that were most captivating. "You look at it and keep coming back to it," he said.

He said the town's beaver dam was the most popular subject this year, but "we got a good amount in each category."

The commission's primary hope was "to get people outdoors in the springtime, enjoying nature."

Conservation Commission members were assisted by Bruce McCabe of The Valley Breeze photography staff.

Owen Enestvedt, 10, is the 1st-place co-winner in the Cumberland Conservation CommissionÕs 2013 photography contest. He entered this shot of delicate blue flowers against a lush green background.