New TD Bank will transform CVS complex

New TD Bank will transform CVS complex

NORTH PROVIDENCE - The North Providence Zoning Board of Review approved special permits last week that pave the way for a new TD Bank branch to open at the mostly vacant CVS business complex at 1919 Mineral Spring Ave.

The applicants, Revens & St. Pierre for TD Bank and CVS Inc. as owner, received relief from zoning restrictions that previously prohibited drive-through windows at the site and required smaller signs.

Ed Civito, director of zoning and planning for the town of North Providence, told The Breeze that the TD Bank project "is a great one" for the town and a "no-brainer," as it will transform a property that has long been empty of anything but CVS.

"We're really excited about this one," he said. "It's a great, great development."

The new bank store would be located just around the corner from Civito's offices at the town's main public safety complex. The store, like other TD Bank locations, would be open seven days a week.

According to plans provided to The Breeze by Civito, the new TD Bank store would cover 2,500 rebuilt square feet at the far left end of the building. A large chunk of the structure right next to that would be removed, he said, allowing for cars to drive around the building and through three drive-through bays.

A "significant investment" by TD Bank will do wonders for improving the area, said Civito, as company representatives will be adding a "beautiful" new building and repaving and restriping the entire parking lot to meet modern guidelines.

The 12,345-square-foot CVS would remain, as would a 7,530-square-foot vacant space right next to CVS, which was previously occupied by an iParty store.

Civito could not say how long the majority of the CVS building has been vacant, but noted that it's been "many years" since it was full of viable businesses. Adding a TD Bank store will make it easier to fill the remainder of it, he said.

TD Bank stores have a "very clean" look and are very "user friendly," said Civito, as they are open seven days a week.

The new bank location is not expected to cause a significant increase in traffic, said Civito, but will obviously be busier at certain times.

There is no estimated timetable yet for how long construction of the bank would take, said Civito, but the applicants will next have to seek their demolition permits from the town and various other permits from the state.

Vehicles will be able to drive either way along the parking lot in the space that will be created through the demolition, according to Civito, and approximately 17 parking spots will be added along the side walls of what will be two separate buildings when the project is complete.

The natural inclination will be for most drivers to exit the complex onto Sunset Avenue instead of Mineral Spring Avenue, added Civito.

Kathleen Toy, spokeswoman for TD Bank, said in an email Monday that though the board granted approval of the special permits, "we are not yet fully entitled so I can't commit to a date for the store's opening at this time."

Toy told The Breeze this month that a new TD Bank on Central Avenue in Pawtucket will open later this year. That bank will be the seventh Rhode Island store to open, she said.

Toy noted that TD Bank retail stores generally require a staff of 10 to 15 full- and part-time employees who are hired locally. New stores cover between 2,500 and 2,900 square feet, and all stores are designed around convenience, customer service, and employee comfort. In addition to the convenience factor, bank representatives try to make stores enjoyable places to visit, she added.

According to Toy, bank officials are strong believers in enriching local life as "active community partners" in the cities and towns where they operate. They are committed to supporting organizations that improve the lives of those who live, work and play in the communities whether through the bank's charitable arm, the TD Charitable Foundation, or giving back through educational initiatives and volunteer efforts.

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