Visit the new cheetahs and sloths at Southwick's Zoo

Visit the new cheetahs and sloths at Southwick's Zoo

MENDON, Mass. - Southwick's Zoo was recently presented with the opportunity to exhibit cheetahs and two-toed sloths. The Zoo responded by immediately beginning work on a temporary exhibit for a family of two-toed sloths and a pair of African cheetahs, a highly endangered species.

The pair of African cheetahs were a more recent arrival. Brought to the zoo at the beginning of June from another facility, the male and female cheetahs were housed off-exhibit until a proper habitat could be constructed. The cheetahs are now exhibited by the African Plains, where they are able check out their other neighbors, Ankole cattle and sika deer. The zoo hopes that eventually they will produce cubs.

The two-toed sloth family arrived in May. The mother, father, and baby sloths have enjoyed "hanging around" their temporary exhibit near the chimpanzees. The zoo plans to place them in a new, permanent habitat next year, as the zoo was slated to build another mixed species exhibit opposite the African porcupines. On any given day, the baby sloth can be seen sleeping on his mother's belly while she hangs upside down inside their habitat.

Southwick's Zoo wasn't expecting the new arrivals so soon, but the opportunity presented itself. Betsey Brewer, one of the owners of Southwick's Zoo said, "We were fortunate enough to have the space to take them all in. We were happy to take advantage of the opportunity to educate people about these beautiful animals."

The zoo is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit Southwick's Zoo online at to learn more about these new animals.