Fix the Public Works Department, don't privatize

Fix the Public Works Department, don't privatize

I am writing to state my opinion on privatizing the Public Works Department in the town of North Providence.

First off, the department has old, antiquated equipment that needs to be upgraded to enable the town employees to get maximum production.

The employees need better supervision. Mayor Lombardi stated that the employees do not get their work done. Well, the director of Public Works is not doing his job properly if the employees are not doing their work.

Furthermore, Cardi Corporation is a large construction company and had done many construction projects within this state. Most projects have cost overruns beyond his original bid. You don't think this will happen to this contract?

In my opinion, if the Public Works Department was run properly and had updated equipment, there would be no reason that this department couldn't run on a lean budget and run less than privatizing.

Arthur Mercure

North Providence