Let's Google 'noise ordinance'

Let's Google 'noise ordinance'

I have a suggestion for how the North Providence Police Department can spend some of that "Google" money that everyone seems to want to relieve them of. Purchase a bunch of sound measuring devices and enforce the state's Motor Vehicle Code Act and Local Unnecessary Noise ordinances.

It won't be hard to establish the probable cause for a stop, especially against motorcycles. They are the ones with the external combustion engines which continuously explode as they drive by, (they have no mufflers) or against the operators of eight cylinder boom boxes who insist upon entertaining us during the night with the mind shattering percussions they call music.

While you're at it, buy a couple of quality of life measuring devices and check the status of North Providence.

My old analog meter registers the quality of life at zero. Maybe your new digital meters will give a different reading.

Ernest E. Ricci

North Providence