Lots of new paving expected for Pawtucket's state roads

Lots of new paving expected for Pawtucket's state roads

Bridge detour route also getting done

PAWTUCKET - City officials' plans for repaving local roadways are still very much in limbo, but representatives from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation say they're firming up a number of big projects for Pawtucket's state roads.

For the 2013-2014 fiscal year that started July 1 and ends next June, city residents and business owners can expect some major upgrades to get underway, according to Rose Amoros, spokeswoman for the DOT.

The two main projects, now in the design phase, have not yet been advertised and are subject to available funding.

Pawtucket's section of Mineral Spring Avenue, a 1.5-mile section that stretches all the way from Dorman Avenue at the North Providence town line, should finally get started next spring, said Amoros. The project was originally intended to start this summer, but engineers found the underlying concrete to be in worse shape than at first thought, prompting a delay.

The cost of the Mineral Spring Avenue project is estimated at $2.2 million, said Amoros. It will include resurfacing, sidewalk and curb replacement, new signs, minor drainage work, and traffic signal work.

"We anticipate advertising the job later this year with work beginning in the spring," she said.

Also on the DOT's repaving schedule is Dexter Street, from Goff Avenue in Pawtucket to Lonsdale Avenue in Central Falls. The majority of the 1.1-mile stretch is on the Central Falls side of the line, but the road is a critical access point to Pawtucket's downtown.

The estimated cost for the Dexter Street project is $1.8 million, said Amoros, and work will include resurfacing, new sidewalks to conform with requirements for the disabled, and some traffic signal improvements. DOT officials expect to advertise the project in March of 2014 and begin work later in the year.

Those who visited downtown Pawtucket lately have probably noticed a lot of repaving work being done, said Amoros. Portions of Roosevelt Avenue, Exchange Street, Goff Avenue, Main Street and Garden Street, as well as the intersection of Division Street and Garden Street, are all being repaved. The downtown roads were used for a temporary detour route during the lengthy Pawtucket River Bridge project, and the move to repave them fulfills DOT officials' promises that they would take care of the route as part of the final phase of the bridge project, which is due to conclude next month.