Cumberland actors tickled pink for 'Legally Blonde' performance at Ocean State Theatre Company

Cumberland actors tickled pink for 'Legally Blonde' performance at Ocean State Theatre Company

There's a lot of pink to be found in Warwick this summer. "The stage is assaulted with it," says Cumberland native Kevin Patrick Martin, one of the actors working this summer on "Legally Blonde" at Ocean State Theatre Company.

"Legally Blonde" seems to be a local favorite. Two community theater troupes tackled the show already in the 2012/2013 season. And now, the OSTC version - this by a professional company.

"It's a really big show for everyone involved," says Martin, who as an ensemble player tackles six roles, including one as an inmate in a women's prison. "There are lots of costume changes, and huge set pieces we're all involved in moving. The whole thing is choreographed, on stage and backstage too."

The musical, based on the 2001 movie that starred Reese Witherspoon, tells the story of Elle Woods, a fashion major who follows the boyfriend who jilted her to Harvard Law School.

Martin is one of four Cumberland actors in the ensemble. Joining him are Alexis Berlinger and her sister, Sara, plus Meghan Lydon.

"This is really cool," says Sara. "It's been a really great experience." Now attending Syracuse University, Sara dabbled in theater in middle and high school in Cumberland. "In high school, I was Audrey in 'Little Shop of Horrors.'"

Her sister Alexis didn't get her start in theater until Boston College, from which she just graduated with a double major in communications and theater. "I saw the posting for this show on and decided to audition."

Lydon, a graduate of Mount Saint Charles, attends Tulane, where she's studying musical theater. Her resume includes work at Theatre By The Sea, and locally with Encore Repertory Company. "I was very excited" to get the phone call to say she'd been cast, "especially based on the amount of talent I saw at the auditions."

Martin, a graduate of Cumberland High and Rhode Island College, now makes his home in New York City. "I do lots of auditioning, mostly for things that take me out of the city. It's a crazy lifestyle, but I love it. Auditioning itself is a full-time job."

His first experience with theater was in the fourth grade, when he found a play in the library called "General George at Yorktown," and decided to stage it with and for his classmates. "I put the script on a pedestal center stage, and we went up and read our lines. Not my best work."

He remembers his first community theater show, "Fiddler on the Roof," with the Community Players in 1999. "I was the fish boy. On opening night, they changed it to 'fruit' because they couldn't find a fish prop. So that night, my only line came out, 'Fish - I mean fresh fruit!' Throwing last minute changes like that at a 12-year-old is not good. I've only gotten better since that."

"Legally Blonde" requires a lot of energy on and off stage. "If you don't have a lot of energy all the time," says Sara, "it really takes away from it. Everyone collectively has to have high energy."

Lydon agrees. "If you're not on your full game, something will go wrong."

All four actors say they're having a blast. "The show is so much fun. It has great heart, a great story," says Martin.

"This show is really fun for people of all ages. There's great singing, big dance numbers, there are dogs, there's jump roping," says Alexis.

Sara enjoys the great performers. "There are actors from all over. One of the actors is from North Dakota. This is a really great show," she says.

"If you're looking to see something truly entertaining," says Lydon, "this is a fabulous and fun show."

"Legally Blonde" runs through July 28 at Ocean State Theatre Company in Warwick. For tickets and information, call the box office at 401-921-6800, or visit