Who makes what in the Cumberland schools? You can look it up

Who makes what in the Cumberland schools? You can look it up

CUMBERLAND - The School Committee has approved revised administrator contracts that reflect two changes in teacher benefits: reduced sick days and reduced stipends for extra course credits.

Unlike the teachers, however, the administrative team members are all getting promised raises that Supt. Philip Thornton says are intended to bring them up to "market value."

The group includes technical support and confidential secretaries who aren't part of the unionized, non-certified staff. The only administrators getting no raises are Thornton, $153,000, Assistant Supt. Robert Mitchell, $120,000, and high school Principal Alan Tenreiro, $114,000. Thornton says all are getting no raises because they were hired at the going statewide rate for those positions.

A complete list of exactly who's getting paid what, by title not name, was approved at last Thursday's school board meeting.

For some on the list, the raises are nearly 6 percent, with several well above that amount, based on contracts enacted a year ago in an effort to raise all School Department employees to that competitive level.

Objecting to some of the increases was committee member Paul Dimodica, elected to the board after the contracts were signed, who said he can't justify to his constituents some of the larger increases, such as 5.6 percent and 5.8 percent increases for confidential secretaries.

But school board Chairwoman Lisa Beaulieu said the program of increases is paying off.

She said it "has allowed us to attract really outstanding administrators," which she noted has been a problem in past years. "We can't lose sight of that," she said.

For example, the base salary of high school Principal Alan Tenreiro was increased by $7,000 when he took the job a year ago.

Thornton's $153,000 base salary is $26,000 above the former superintendent.

A look at the list finds a wide variety of jobs and pay rates, from the lawn care people at $8 an hour to administrators with advanced degrees who break six figures.

Vice Chairman Jeff Mutter, who asked for the listing in the form of a resolution, called the list "just a matter of transparency."

For example, policing long-term detention pays $20 an hour, coordinating summer school is worth a $4,000 to $6,000 stipend, lunch aides collect $9.39 an hour, the new high school deans will each make $81,000, a carpenter earns $19.58 to $20.97, the head custodian at the high school about $19.50 an hour, and an accounts payable clerk makes about $21 an hour, the same as most administrative secretaries.

Teachers are starting out in the district at $40,884, with the highest base pay at $74,232 this year.

Revised base salaries, not including benefits or lane stipends, show all five elementary principals up $3,387 to $99,766, a 3.4 percent increase.

The middle school principal range is $99,334 to $106,975.

See the full list of titles and salary ranges at cumberlandschools.org, under school board policies, GCB.


I was just wondering what percentage of the school budget are salaries?