Revaluation crew starts taking pictures

Revaluation crew starts taking pictures

NORTH PROVIDENCE - The company charged with completing a town-wide revaluation of all properties has begun sending out weekend crews to take pictures of each home and business.

Workers from Northeast Revaluation Group are taking the pictures to update the town's tax assessor database as part of the ongoing full revaluation, according to Tax Assessor Janesse Muscatelli.

The North Providence Police Department has been notified with names and vehicles of every employee that is on the road from the revaluation company to ensure the safety of citizens.

Residents shouldn't be alarmed if they see an individual from Northeast outside their home with a camera, as the inspectors should have visible ID badges identifying themselves. Workers are only going to take pictures of the outside of the property, and will not need access to the interior, said Muscatelli.

Bob Battey, project manager from Northeast Revaluation, promised when the revaluation started last December that inspectors from Northeast would be "fair and professional" as they proceeded with their work.

Rhode Island law requires a full-blown revaluation every nine years, with two "statistical" revaluations every three years in between.

Even if someone's property value does go down as a result of the current revaluation, that does not necessarily mean that residents will be paying less in taxes. Town officials are allowed to "equalize" the tax rate to address any town-wide drop in tax values, and must do so to raise the amount of needed revenue to run operations.

The current revaluation will reflect market values as of Dec. 31, 2013, and won't be used to calculate property tax bills until bills are sent out in 2014.

All assessments that are determined by Northeast inspectors will eventually be reviewed and approved by Muscatelli's office. Once assessments are sent out, residents will have the opportunity for an informal hearing with Northeast. If they still don't agree, they'll have the right to appeal to the tax assessor.

All revaluation information, including a street-by-street analysis for residents to be able to review values in their neighborhood, will be posted at .