City should transfer tax titles to Redevelopment Agency

City should transfer tax titles to Redevelopment Agency

According to state law that has been in effect since 1997, a municipality can transfer tax titles to a Redevelopment Agency to either collect the additional interest on the tax owed or to petition for foreclosure to take ownership of the property. While I am not suggesting that (Woonsocket) utilize this law for every single property, clearly there are many properties that the Redevelopment Agency should be interested in to either resell on the open market or to demolish to save money on our schools, police, and fire which are dealing with reduced budgets.

This law has not been utilized in the city of Woonsocket and we have seen millions of dollars go to outside investors who do not care about the city. This idea should have been implemented in the five-year plan and by previous administrations. I also brought up the idea about the city retaining some tax titles to the City Council last year at this time but no action was taken.

I strongly feel that the Budget Commission needs to establish a commission to review the properties going to tax sale to see which titles should go to the Redevelopment Agency. As chairman of the Tax Assessment Review Board and five years experience, I have already submitted my name at the last budget commission meeting to volunteer my time to serve on this commission.

Garrett Mancieri