So far, four want the job of Woonsocket mayor

So far, four want the job of Woonsocket mayor

WOONSOCKET - The list of candidates was incomplete at press time, but it seems likely that this city's taxpayers will be underwriting the expense of an October runoff.

Would-be candidates have until Tuesday, Aug. 27, to declare their intentions to run in this city's local election and then must secure citizen signatures to secure their nomination. As of Wednesday, four had declared plans to run for mayor, a roster that voters will be asked to whittle to two at the Oct. 8 primary. The city's election, which is non-partisan, is set for Nov. 5.

Here's who's indicating an interest in running for mayor, as reported by the manager of the city Board of Canvassers Estelle Corriveau,


* State Rep. Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, 304 Prospect St.

* David Fisher, 238 Second Ave.

* Incumbent Mayor Leo Fontaine, 56 Tara Lane

* Michael Moniz, 939 Bernon St.

So far, this list contains no surprises since all had earlier indicated they'd be running.

Moniz is a perennial candidate who typically garners few votes, but newcomer Fisher, a freelance journalist, has been holding organizational meetings and already developing his platform.

Fontaine, who's trying for his third term, is reporting campaign funding at $3,127 and Baldelli-Hunt has so far socked away $20,723 for her campaign, according to latest reports.

Declaring so far for the City Council are:

* Eric Cartier, 326 Mendon Road, a political newcomer

* Richard J. Fagnant, 88 Coe St., who's currently on the city's Zoning Board of Review

* Incumbent Daniel M. Gendron, 67 Arland Court

* Incumbent Roger Jalette, 282 Third Ave.

* Anita Ann McGuire-Forcier, 95 Marian Lane, a member of the School Committee

The School Committee will be appointed this year for the first time.

Woonsocket's off-year election cycle is shared in Rhode Island only by the city of Central Falls.