Breeze readers debate merits of cursive

Breeze readers debate merits of cursive

A story in last week's Breeze asked readers, "Should schools write off cursive?"

Readers sounded off immediately, sharing their opinions on The Valley Breeze Newspapers Facebook page.

Whether or not they personally use cursive regularly, most seemed to believe its in-school instruction should be kept in schools. However, some said it may have to go as schools focus more on technology.

Here is a sampling of the comments:

* George Arees: "Cursive writing was an essential part of the curriculum. It goes beyond the reading of an old letter or a document. This should be required."

* Susan Taylor: "I rarely write in cursive except to sign my name to something. It may indeed be a useless skill in the future with the continued advance of technology. I just don't know. The school curriculum is packed and I do not think any states have an end of the year test for cursive."

* Jacqueline Ledoux McGann: "Hasn't anyone else noticed that the more we change things thinking it will make it easier and better, the worse things seem to get? Let's not change anything unless the old way doesn't work! Penmanship used to be a class when I was in school, let's teach our kids to be the best they can be, and not let them be too lazy to take the time to write correctly, dress appropriately, and spell and speak English well!"

* Crystal R. Parfitt: "Hate to tell you but our schools stopped teaching cursive years ago, or at least it became a lower priority. Along with learning to tell time properly."

* Jennifer Watson: "Yes, I believe learning cursive helps the brain in other academic areas."

* Ken Postle: "The cemetery volunteers are currently translating mid-1800s burial and land records for the cemetery restoration work - without an understanding of cursive, this would be near impossible."

* Paul G. Pelletier: "Yes, it should be taught in schools. They should also teach kids to type and talk without using texting terminology. TXT - LOL - SMH."

* Tina Renell Atkinson: "Please reconsider and teach this generation how to write in cursive. Should we really believe that we no longer need a signature that we should be proud to own? Hey, I also have a phone calculator that can compute 20% tip at the restaurant, but I had better be able to figure that out in my head."

* Andrew Maguire: "Working retail I can tell you people don't sign in cursive, they use squigglese."

* Jacqueline Iadorola: "It is beautiful when done correctly. I'm finding that some young adults cannot read cursive. I do use it daily. It seems quicker than printing."