Parishioners say there's no denying Mary

Parishioners say there's no denying Mary

New images appearing 'every day'

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Despite what the doubters are saying, there is no denying that Mary the mother of Jesus is making herself known at the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, say parishioners there.

Brian Trambowicz, the recovered drug and alcohol addict who was the first to see Mary on the cross above the church, showed The Breeze a list of more than 150 signatures collected from people who told him that they still believe that Mary has shown herself at the church.

Representatives from the Diocese of Providence were wrong when they said earlier it was "highly unlikely" that the image of Mary was "the result of a divine intervention," said Trambowicz. Mary herself is now proving the image on the cross is not a natural phenomenon, he said.

"There are new images of her appearing daily all over the church," said Trambowicz. "She wants to be revealed and she's showing the people who are trying to downplay it that it's her and not some weathering stain."

Others, like parishioner Paul Capracotta, agree with Trambowicz and say they, too, see the new images, some of Mary, some of her son Jesus, and some of both of them. All are more vague than the "undeniable" one on the central cross, said Trambowicz, but he noted that those with more faith are finding it easier to see the new images.

Though the stream of people coming to see the claimed image of Mary on the cross has dwindled greatly since the days immediately following a Breeze story on Aug. 7, many of the faithful are still coming daily and nightly to pray to and gain inspiration from the image, said Trambowicz.

Some have placed candles and rosary beads in front of the church on Mineral Spring Avenue, hopeful that their troubles will be fixed. Miracles are happening as a result, said Trambowicz, with a few claiming to have their prayers for a new job answered. He is confident that others who have prayed for renewed health will also have their prayers answered, he said.

"Something very special is happening here," said Trambowicz. "This is only the beginning."

Trambowicz says he wants none of the credit for being the one who first saw Mary on the cross.

"This is all about her," he said.

The fact that God chose him to be the one to lead others to Mary only proves that "God uses the lowly of this world and not the proud" to accomplish his purposes, said Trambowicz.

Representatives for the Diocese of Providence issued a statement on Aug. 12 downplaying the possibility that the image of Mary might be a divine sign.

"The Catholic Church is always very cautious in evaluating alleged miracles," read the statement. "It is highly unlikely that the image of the Virgin Mary that individuals are seeing on the cross of the Church of the Presentation in North Providence is the result of divine intervention."

It adds, "nonetheless, God often works through ordinary means, and if the image on the cross, even if it is the result of natural causes, inspires individuals to a renewed faith in God and greater charity for their neighbor, that's a positive message to be welcomed and embraced."


How loyal Mary has been particularly to North Providence for the last century, with the gift and suffering of Little Rose Ferron who has been continually 'shelved' but the diocese... and perhaps now other gifts to this community - certainly a special community in Mary's eyes... despite the reluctance of the church administration to face their shortcomings and be open to a true and continuing call from heaven. I hope these signs are indeed one on the many calls of Mary all over the world in these difficult times... but, regardless, pray for the special character of the Catholic community in Rhode Island...