Missing something? Smithfield police impound garden creatures

Missing something? Smithfield police impound garden creatures

SMITHFIELD - Police last week suddenly found themselves with a menagerie of critters to deal with, including rabbits, frogs, ducks, squirrels, and even a flamingo - but none of the animals needed food or water.

They were among a collection of 23 stolen lawn ornaments that inexplicably turned up Aug. 15 in the parking lot of the Gallagher Middle School.

Discovered about 3 a.m. that day during a routine police patrol, the items were made of plastic or cement and had no value other than the possible sentimental attachments of their owners, according to Capt. Michael Rheaume.

The department was in the process of returning the objects to people who had called after hearing about the discovery, and as of late in the week an angel, two ducks, an Uncle Sam bust and two statues of girls had been reunited with their owners.

Among unclaimed items were three angels, statues of male and female figures, two squirrels, and one legless pink flamingo.

The objects were stolen from homes in both Smithfield and North Providence, Rheaume said, probably by "kids out for a joy ride and looking for mischief."

He said the department had logged no reports of the thefts prior to the discovery of the ornaments, many of which had apparently been displayed in front yards.

Rheaume said anyone missing a lawn ornament or with information about the case can call the department at 401-231-2500.