Marijuana consultants give up Esmond St. operation

Marijuana consultants give up Esmond St. operation

SMITHFIELD - A medical marijuana consulting firm has apparently abandoned its effort to establish an outreach office at 2 Esmond St., according to Town Manager Dennis Finlay.

The Town Council ruled in July that the firm's proposed location violated municipal zoning laws because it allegedly constituted a combined venture with a nearby marijuana-plant growing operation.

A company spokesperson at the time said directors would consult a lawyer before deciding whether to challenge the ruling, but Finlay said the office appears to have been vacated and that 52 marijuana plants allegedly growing indoors nearby have been removed.

The proposed operation, which the town ordered shut down shortly after it opened in April, drew strong opposition from Police Chief Richard St. Sauveur Jr., who maintained that the presence of marijuana plants constituted a threat to public safety, especially because the approximate location of the plants was publicly known.

Company directors asserted that they were all certified users of medical marijuana and entitled to grow plants, and that their office was separate from the growing operation.

They said their intent was to make available support and information to other registered medical marijuana users, in addition to small amounts of marijuana allowed under state law.

Finlay said that in addition to the zoning issue, the consulting office was cited for building and fire code deficiencies and that directors have never indicated corrections were made.

"As far as I know, they are out of there," he said.

Meanwhile, state police on Aug. 17 arrested one of the firm's directors, Douglas Mulcahey, 27, of 57 Apollo St., Warwick, and charged him with felony possession of a controlled substance alleged to be Molly, or MDMA, a form of the euphoria-inducing drug known as Ecstasy.

Mulcahey, also charged with a misdemeanor - driving while in possession of a controlled substance - is the second person affiliated with the organization to be arrested.

In April, state police charged another director, Garrett Romano, 22, of the same Warwick address, with possession of psychedelic mushrooms.

Both cases are still pending, according to a state police spokesman.

Telephone messages to Romano seeking information on the firm's future plans were not returned.