Catanzaro pushes overhaul of clerk's office

Catanzaro pushes overhaul of clerk's office

NORTH PROVIDENCE - With "significant turnover" in the town clerk's office over the past 10 years, Town Council President Kristen Catanzaro is taking the opportunity to seek an overhaul of the department.

The recent departure of a deputy clerk provides the "opportune time to look at the restructuring of the office," said Catanzaro. It is one of the "most important" offices in town government, she said.

Residents who go to Town Hall most often stop first at the clerk's office, said Catanzaro, even if they're coming for something else, and it's important to have the department running in the best shape it can be. This is the place that leaves "the first impression here on the town," she said.

Catanzaro said she's not motivated by any one issue or person, and this is no reflection on the job of the people in the office, but the time has come to review the organizational structure, of the office, as well as the duties and responsibilities of its staff.

Town Clerk Mary Ann DeAngelus said Monday that she prefers not to comment on any of the issues that might have motivated Catanzaro to call for the review.

"Not at this time," she said.

Catanzaro told her colleagues last week she did not want to get into "personnel issues," but she also doesn't want to appoint a new deputy clerk before a thorough review of the department operations takes place. She wants to seek input from everyone involved, including Mayor Charles Lombardi's administration, the staff in the office, and the union that represents workers.

John DeSimone, a Providence attorney, would provide expertise on the review, said Catanzaro.

Town Councilor Manny Giusti asked whether it might be more wise to let Town Solicitor Anthony Gallone's office handle the review, as he has so much knowledge of the town and its charter, but Catanzaro said such organizational matters are an area of expertise for DeSimone.


Stop pussyfooting around with personal issues, the town is fraught with the old buddy system. We need to get on-line with much of the cities information that is handled by the town clerk office which acts as a bottle neck. We do not need to replace people, we need to consolidate job functions that are outdated and inconsequential that add to our growing tax burden. This town needs to understand that we have an unaffordable structure that has been outdated. Smart move to review what we are getting for results before blindly replacing anyone. Just maybe we can see what will benefit the town as a whole and not just the insiders.