BVP charter school is a 'great opportunity' for Cumberland

BVP charter school is a 'great opportunity' for Cumberland

I am a lifelong resident of Cumberland and the parent of a Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP) Mayoral Academy scholar, and I am writing to ask the greater Cumberland community to join me in supporting the building of a new elementary school at 52 Broad St.

Not only will this beautifully designed new school provide a great education for our young people for decades to come, the neighborhood and surrounding community will be positively impacted in so many ways.

Years ago, Cumberland built Currier Park at 52 Broad St. for the benefit of children in the community, and it should continue to be used for that purpose.

We have the opportunity to impact over 400 scholars, and every child in the surrounding community, by building a high-achieving public elementary school that will keep both its playground area and interior meeting rooms open to residents.

Blackstone Valley Prep has been working hard to not only understand, but also rectify, potential traffic and parking issues.

They have held community meetings, addressed all major concerns, and have put forth a plan that will benefit all residents. BVP's sole priority is to make great things happen for its scholars, families and the greater community.

Rather than dismissing the notion of the land being sold to BVP, let this instead be a discussion of how we can make this work for everyone involved. Let's support BVP, a tuition-free public school that has a proven track record of success and a genuine interest in the future of our children and the communities in which they are located.

I urge council members to vote YES on a new school for BVP and a great opportunity for Cumberland.

Emily Tomas