Teacher: Please support children's education in Cumberland

Teacher: Please support children's education in Cumberland

I am writing as a Cumberland resident, parent of a child in Cumberland public schools, and two in Blackstone Valley Prep, and educator, to show support for a permanent building at 52 Broad St, for Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary School 2.

Currently the proposal for the new school calls for it to be built where Currier Park sits. As a 10-year resident of Cumberland, I have never felt Currier Park was a place I felt comfortable bringing my children.

The park is decrepit and just doesn't seem very family friendly. The idea to revitalize the current area to include a school with a brand new playground seems ideal. We can continue to use this space to serve children, as the space has always been intended for. I can imagine bringing my children to a new and safe playground, such as the one that would be installed with a new school.

I can't think of a better way to bring together the children of Valley Falls and the surrounding areas. A new playground would be invaluable to having a positive influence in this area for our children.

The biggest benefit to Cumberland residents is that this playground will be available to them at no extra cost to the taxpayers. Blackstone Valley Prep is paying for this school and playground with financing they secured on their own. Cumberland taxpayer's money will not be used for this.

As an educator in the town of Cumberland nothing would make me happier to see this area turned into a school.

Every single child in this town (and the state of Rhode Island as well) absolutely deserves the best possible access to an education.

I truly feel fortunate to live and teach in a town where our children have access to both an amazing public traditional school and an equally amazing public charter school. Let's face it, having the charter school come to Cumberland has really brought the topic of education to the forefront in most people's minds. This can only improve the educational experience for all children of Cumberland. A permanent building for the students at Blackstone Valley Prep would just add to that. These students deserve to have their own permanent place to establish their school community.

If none of the aforementioned reasons resonate with you, then please listen to the heartfelt plea of a parent with two children at Blackstone Valley Prep.

Every parent wants a safe nurturing building for their children to go to school. This location is ideal to build the amazing school that I want for my children. After I saw the plans for the new school I fell in love with it.

I will do anything for them to have this perfect ideal school community. Every child deserves this. I am asking that the members of the Town Council think of these students when considering how to vote on this issue. A vote of yes guarantees these children, as well as future generations of children in Cumberland access to the educational experience they both need and deserve.

Holly St. Pierre