Chafee's caring was appreciated

Chafee's caring was appreciated

It is important for all Rhode Island citizens, especially the victims and families of the Station Nightclub fire, to remember that it was Lincoln Chafee who was one of only two Rhode Island elected officials to step up, in an effort, to secure the Station Fire site for a memorial park.

After a three-year fight, I was able to request that Gov. Chafee consider taking this land by eminent domain. He not only agreed to help, but, both he and Speaker Gordon Fox acted quickly and jointly to help deliver this precious land to the hands of the people to whom it rightfully belonged.

I will never forget the compassion, understanding and support offered by this gentle and honorable man. Thank you Gov. Chafee. May God bless you.

Dave Kane


Kane is the father of one of the Station Nightclub's 100 victims.