Woonsocket police arrest two graffiti vandals in one day

Woonsocket police arrest two graffiti vandals in one day

WOONSOCKET – In response to an increase in complaints about graffiti, the Woonsocket Police Department made two separate arrests for vandalism on Monday, Sept. 9.

According to a release from the department, on Sept. 5, Det. Jason Berthelette started investigating the increased amount of spray-painted “tags” throughout the city on private and city property. The two predominant tags he found were the words “GRIME” and “STENE.” A formal police complaint was filed by the city of Woonsocket, Providence and Worcester Railroad, Wojick’s Farm Produce, and The Plastic Group for the vandalism.

During the investigation, Berthelette spoke to a witness who reportedly positively identified a 15-year-old juvenile as the suspect. On Sept. 9, Berthelette arrested the juvenile. He is being charged with four counts of vandalism.

In a separate incident the same day, police were dispatched to the foot bridge between Cumberland Street and the Woonsocket Middle School at approximately 5:45 p.m. for reports of a male spray painting the bridge. Officer Enrique Sosa was on duty in the area and located Carlos Mojica, 36, of 257 Willow St., walking away from the bridge. Mojica reportedly was told to stop so that officers could speak with him, but fled. He was caught near the basketball courts in the Middle School parking lot.

Upon searching the suspect, officers reportedly found a can of spray paint and a knife. Mojica was arrested and charged with vandalism, weapons other than firearms, resisting arrest and two warrants.