Mineral Spring lights cause traffic

Mineral Spring lights cause traffic

Traffic on Douglas Avenue, North Providence, backs up from Mineral Spring Avenue daily heading toward Smithfield from Providence.

Today I was on Douglas Avenue coming from Providence and the traffic was backed up (to Carl Avenue) almost to the closed fire station at Cushion Street. This happens all the time ever since Lowe's opened and traffic lights and the traffic pattern was changed. The traffic light allows a green arrow for a left turn from Douglas to Mineral Spring (coming from Smithfield) before a green light is given for traffic on Douglas Avenue heading toward Smithfield. With some cars trying to take a left on Mineral Spring Avenue you are lucky to get eight-to-10 cars to pass through the light before it turns red again. I really think we need to address this situation, correct it so traffic can flow normally again. Currently drivers can sit on Douglas Avenue in excess of 10 to 15 minutes waiting to get across Mineral Spring Avenue.

Please help!

Dennis S. Varone

North Providence