Jenks soccer opens with a victory

Jenks soccer opens with a victory

PAWTUCKET - The Joseph Jenks Junior High soccer team pulled out a strong 5-0 victory over Kickemuit Middle School to open its season Thursday.

"We still are not working as a team yet," Jenks head coach Carlos Vieira said. "We have individual good players and a lot of new good 7th-graders."

After about three full practices the season began so Vieira did not have a complete feel for his team when the season opened last week. The standouts for the Jaguars in their first game was returning starter Curtis Brown, Goff Middle School transfer Devon Silva and Lyelson Miranda, Vieira said.

Things started to go right for the Jaguars in the first few minutes of play. Kickemuit's Jackson Tamulaites was going toward the Jaguar net but Heliandro Lopes kicked it out. The Jaguars took over possession as Silva worked his magic. He sent the ball sailing up the field to Brown, who set up Amadou Jallou for the goal.

The game sped up from there as a couple of minutes later Jenks held the 2-0 lead. Silva attempted a shot that was saved by the Wildcat keeper. Jeremy Lima took the ball into Jaguar territory. Jenks fouled Kickemuit and gave them a free kick. The kick was taken by the wind and the Jaguars took it back.

Joselito Rodrigues brought the ball into Wildcat territory as Silva attempted another shot that was wide. A Wildcat player tried to take it, but Brown took over and passed to Miranda, who shot it in the net for the 2-0 advantage.

Not even a full minute later, Jenks scored its third goal. Silva took a shot but it rebounded out as he just could not find the back of the net. Miranda was there to knock it in for his second goal of the game.

The Jaguars took the 3-0 lead into the second half as the Wildcats tried to be more aggressive. A shot by the Wildcats just missed going in, while it looked like their defense finally found a way to shut down the Jaguars. The Jaguars kept with it however and scored two more goals, both within a couple of minutes of each other.

The Wildcats were awarded another corner kick but on the kick Brown recovered the ball. He passed it up the field and then got the ball back to score.

Kickemuit got the ball back but Jenks overtook them. After a goalie save, Silva passed over to Miranda who went to Brown. Brown shot and scored his second goal of the game. With the 5-0 lead, Vieira was able to sub his players in and out to see exactly what he had.

"Today I got to try everyone," Vieira said. "We've only had two or three practices so far. Now I have an idea who will be the starters and who will be on the bench."

The Jaguars were scheduled to take on Goff Middle School, which also plays at the McKinnon & Alves Soccer Complex.

"I hope this team can go farther than last year," Vieira said. "Last year we lost the second game in the playoffs."