Town distributes wheeled trash barrels, starts automated pickup Oct. 7

Town distributes wheeled trash barrels, starts automated pickup Oct. 7

SMITHFIELD - Starting this past Tuesday, householders in town began receiving the wheeled containers they'll need when a new, automated system of trash pickup begins on Monday, Oct. 7.

Deliveries to curbside will continue through Oct. 4, with most houses receiving, free, two 65-gallon barrels, one for garbage and one for recyclables.

Under the new program, the barrels will be lifted at the curb and emptied into trucks equipped with mechanical arms. Only the town-owned barrels can be used.

The old green and blue recycling bins will no longer be needed, but should not be placed in the new barrels for pickup; arrangements for their collection will be announced later, according to town Finance Director Randy R. Rossi.

He said that pickup schedules will remain unchanged under the new system, which the Town Council authorized earlier this year because of long-term costs savings.

Rossi said yard waste is not to be placed in the new containers, but should be put out either in bags or in a household's old garbage cans bearing a "Yard Waste" sticker that can be picked up at the Public Works building or Town Hall.

All garbage placed in the new containers should be bagged.

Rossi said the hinged lids on the containers include a white stripe on which the street address should be written in the unlikely event that a lid becomes separated and blows away.

The containers have a content capacity of 227 pounds, and the amount of material put out in a given week is limited to what the two barrels can hold.

Smaller, 35-gallon containers are going to condominium units, and to elderly or infirm residents who have asked for them. Town officials have also said that for households that generate more than normal trash, the garbage container can be upgraded to a 95-gallon model for $100, or a second 65-gallon model can be added for $220. Factored into those fees is the cost of dumping the extra garbage at the Central Landfill.

Anyone needing a second recycling barrel can get one free, since the town saves money through landfill rebates as its recycling volume rises, according to Rossi. He said requests for changes in barrel sizes or numbers should not be made until the new system has been in effect for several weeks.