Chan's to host Meet the Candidates event Tuesday

Chan's to host Meet the Candidates event Tuesday

WOONSOCKET - Nearly all of the candidates running in the city's upcoming election have signed on to attend a forum to be held Tuesday, Sept. 24 at Chan's Fine Oriental Dining, 267 Main St. The free 7 p.m. event will be sponsored by and 1380 WNRI.

Incumbent City Council candidates will be asked the same question and then new candidates will be asked a different question. Mayoral candidates will then square off, asking a question of their opposing candidates in two separate rounds. The event will be hosted by Lorraine Corey and Roger Bouchard, with Jeff Gamache to serve as moderator and Bill Bryda as timekeeper.

Council Candidates are: Christopher Beauchamp, Jeffrey Belknap, Albert Brien, Eric Cartier, Marc Dubois, Richard Fagnant, Daniel Gendron, Roger Jalette, Garret Mancieri, Anita McGuire-Forcier, Robert Moreau, Melissa Murray, Christopher Roberts, and John Ward.

Mayoral candidates are: Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, David Fisher, Leo Fontaine, Roland Michaud, and Michael Moniz.

All candidates running for seats have received an invitation to participate in the forum. Mayoral candidate Michael Moniz and City Council candidate John Ward will not be attending due to prior commitments.

Meet the Candidates is open to the public and admission is free. The event will be broadcast live by radio station 1380 WNRI.