Men face 19 charges in West Park Place shoot out

Men face 19 charges in West Park Place shoot out


Valley Breeze Staff Writer

WOONSOCKET - Police have piled on the charges for three men involved in a four-gun fight that left two people critically injured and another wounded last week.

Two robbers aiming to take cash and drugs from a home at 65 West Park Place early Thursday morning, Sept. 12, weren't the only ones carrying guns, and the resulting shoot-out left three injured on the otherwise quiet residential street.

David Bunnell, 21, of 26 Alpine Row, Franklin, Mass., and Tyronne Seams, 27, of 163 Farm St., Woonsocket, have been arrested as suspects in the incident.

One of the two suspects was transported to Rhode Island Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and has undergone surgery, but police declined to identify the man. Bunnell, however, was arraigned on Friday, leaving little doubt Seams was the suspect to received injuries.

"This is one of the things that happens when you have dealers out there, and people trying to take down the dealers," said Lee. "Four weapons were shot inside the apartment."

Speaking at a press conference Thursday afternoon, Capt. Edward Lee also declined to name a second individual who was hospitalized after being shot during the incident. According to friends and witnesses, however, 29-year-old Patrick Paine of Woonsocket, owner of Paineless Improvements, was at the scene and has also been treated for critical injuries.

According to reports, around 2:15 a.m., Woonsocket Police Officer Matthew Labine noticed Seams and Bunnell attempting to exit through the basement of the building. The suspects reportedly spotted Labine and ran back into the home. Bunnell was holding a sawed-off shotgun by his side.

Lapine entered the building with his gun pointed at the two men, and they were taken in without further incident.

Bunnell has been charged with four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon in a dwelling house, burglary, conspiracy to commit a felony, possession of a sawed-off shotgun and use of a stolen firearm in a violent crime. He was ordered to be held without bail pending a review hearing set for Sept. 26.

Seams has been charged with four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon in a dwelling house, conspiracy to commit a felony, burglary and two counts of possession of cocaine.

The tenant of the apartment, Keinan J. McKenna, 21, received minor injuries and was treated at Landmark Medical Center. He has been charged with possession of marijuana, use of a stolen firearm in a violent crime, and possession of cocaine.

"Obviously this is one of the ongoing negative effects of the illegal drug trade," said Lee.

Lee expressed gratitude that the injuries were limited to those directly involved with the reported crime.

"Fortunately we've escaped these incidents without any significant injury - especially to members of the public - as was the case earlier this morning," he said.

Crime scene detectives are still in the process of investigating details of the incident, but Det. Jamie Paone said Monday that she did not expect any more charges to be filed.

Anyone with information about the crime or other illegal activity in the city is asked to call the department's anonymous tip line at 401-769-4444.