Rhode Islanders asked to complete statewide needs assessment

Rhode Islanders asked to complete statewide needs assessment

In an effort to better understand the needs of communities across the state, the Rhode Island Community Action Association and partner community action agencies, including Family Resources Community Action, are calling on residents to complete a statewide needs assessment survey. Ten-thousand households in Rhode Island will receive this survey beginning Sept. 18.

With Rhode Island unemployment still extremely high compared to the rest of the nation, and cuts to services continuing, the agencies believe it is more important than ever to fully understand the needs of our community. The survey will look at needs relating to health, transportation, nutrition, employment, childcare, activities for teens, independent living, educational services, housing, and debt.

All survey results will be kept completely confidential.

The survey results will be used to develop a report that outlines statewide needs as well as needs specific to certain communities. This report will be shared with elected officials, state departments and other key stakeholders in the state. The report will also build on existing work in the state to highlight recommendations for addressing the identified needs.

For more information on the needs assessment survey, contact Paula McFarland at 401-941-0774, ext. 5, or pmcfarland@ricaa.org.